On this day that i met you

The sky was blue, the parks were full and packed

full of dance as peopled fooled in the bliss of merry

wild joy siezed the day as the sun burned without a second thought

strenching its favour beyond imagination, beyond the land

and into the beautiful streams,which inturn returned the favour in everpolation

the flavour of the moist hot afternoon could not have ben sweeter.

Sweet still was the gaze as i watched the stream slither its magestic flow down the hill

in grave silence at first, but then hissing in a mourn down the steep ridge as it made a spectacular fall

but then i hadn’t connected that on this day, i would meet you.

Hours before i would meet you, in this kitchen was i

so angered as i chopped carrots and pealed potatoes

as i got orders and odered around

i worked tirelessly though, expeditiously even

as my dummy cook trainer showed me the way,

the how and the when ooh boy cooking wasn’t easy for me.

it was sweet nevertheless,i guess it would have been sweeter if i learnt earlier in life

or if as a child i wasn’t a boy, perhaps mama would have taught me the how to cook

and papa wouldn’t have chased me out of the kitchen whenever he saw me there.

i tell you this because on this day, to ease my anger, as would fate have it

i met you my love.

Love always eluded me with the speed of lightening,

like the flow of blood from a fresh kill it oozed from the carcus of my heart

it ran through me like a terrible curse

leaving a trail of a dust filled with anger and anguish so broken and heart i was.

And so i had given up the chase, hope had given up on me or so i thought,

like a retired boxer, i had hung my gloves and vowed never to return my grip on them

It is on this day that fate would have it, that even at this state of despaire

And magic is the word i search, that i would meet you my love

that you would revive my once upon a time out locked feeling

and rattle my heart into revealing this outstanding shake up of a feeling

so beautiful, so charming yet so powerful that i had to embrace it again

and revolutionalised i was, in the click of your sight

and love i embraced, atleast one more time on this day that i met you.

Your blissful smile curled beautiful as you sat, chilled in a relaxed stance

Like a queen, you posed, so elegant yet so simple,aaaah! i was humbled.

You needed not to say something, not to dance, not to move just to stay there

as perfect as you were in silence but then you smiled! booom!

tell me girl, how was i not suppossed to crumble as my heart kicked hard,

so hard i could hear it scream and skid as i tried to ease the pace with a deep breath

that had never happened, only on this day that i met you.

The debate googled in my head, and did so very fast

So the complex ajenda was, which between the two was better,

to talk to you and risk a rejection or to sit and watch the beauty in my silence,

with my fear turked between my legs like a tail.

So i choose the later, the former was a risk too disastorous for my balls.

But i promiced me that one day this tail of mine would reign strong

that it would stand tall, so tall and strong to send cheers and glorious screams in your heart

And this promice,unlike others, i knew i would keep

because i made it on this day that i met you!

I promised myself to make you smile, so that i can enjoy seeing your beautiful smile.

To make you laugh, so that my heart will always fill with happiness

And to always listen to you, as you narrate those beautiful childhood stories so different from mine.

As you express worldly fears that you have and the disappointments that you face

about the struggles and the fights that define your purpose and the why we met

so many of them so expressive of your gifted big heart and the gracious humility behind it

as you generously give, and the world hears none of it, but you do regardless

As you explain to me solutions you would propose, to ease the grave innequalities which define our world

Of them all, none will be accepted by the power hungry beasts occuping influential offices

as they turn their deaf ear with the majority of lunacy following their solutionles word to the letter

giving reason where we are where we are and not where we deserve

this which kills the liberties that we deserve but never will enjoy,

The reason why we will soldier on but never give up, atleast not on hope.

And all this i know my love, because on this day that i met you;

my world spinned with hope, all around it is this oasis

and it can be shared by all, together we could embrace the hope and extend the branch all around

the darkness you see shall not cloud our future

because the future deserves a shot, to love to turn on this day that i met you

like a page of rebirth and love be the child.the wind already blows it in the air!


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