For you, for you my baby girl!

Probably you will never know or hear about these, but its for you

most of the pains and sucrifices that i have gone through,already

and i am still to face more hardships ahead, but i embrace it for you.

Little will you understand about the reason why,

for me so important it is to give you the best that i never had.

I feel the need to offer you the best in everything that life affords only a few;

I mean the best friend, the best health care, the best diet,

the best of a sport you will choose and like and play enjoyably as i watch,

the best education and its superior system,though you will never know this.

The best memorable times for your childhood, that money can never buy.

I will such for the best mom as a partner to surround you life with me,

to bear you,to hold you on her hands, to welcome you to the world.

For you to listen to her heartbeat the first moment of your breath,

As you bring real life to our little world with your magical majestic first breath.

She will give you a lovely name that we shall all call you, from this day, and so it shall be.

She will  spend with you those sleepless nights while you rule her world as a baby,

you will be noisy,a nuisanse and chaotic, but this special lady will enjoy and ebrace it, all of it with a smile.

I swear she will be so keen to guide you as you grow,she will watch and ask for favours because of you,for you, for you my baby.for you my baby girl

she will fight  with you in your teenage, those friday nights as you hope to go to discos,

she will disagree with you on the choice of friends you keep,

She will join me in awkward events like those dinners you will have to bring the love of your life.

We will be nice though it will be like an interview in our minds, this i swear!

Together we will join hands to fight for you in your lovely dreams

I will indulge you as i listen to your concerns as you blame the world and mostly your mom,

especially in your adolesense, you will disagree with her,she will be right most times but you will not see the sense.

Perhaps in your innovation you will want to show the world new ways of doing things

but people will try to shut you, for the world will want to be the same and treat you bad as a girl child,

For this i will be there my girl, angry and agitated,to offer you protection

i might aswell start karate lessons-to kick ass or get myself a gun to scare the smoke out of lunatics.

All these because my baby, for you, i will turn the world upside down.even in my dreams.

If just to get the moment to hold you in my hands

and only if the day comes when i will have a daughter, a baby girl, you my baby.

Your ullulations are fewer in my culture but you will mean the world to me and they, nothing at all!

Your kikuyu name, you will share with my mama, for we get two names for each person back home.

We will fly there to see her and the big family of friends waiting on the otherside of the sea.

They will all want to hold you in your second naming ceremony, they will sing and dance in joy.

it will be so noisy and strange for you, but i swear you will love it, it will be one of its kind even there

These are the only people who will not call you by anyother name,you will be mama to them

and you will learn from them what a shujaa mama is and how honoured you are to share her name

all this i will do for you,just once you are born, and always if i will ever have you.

My world will seem to have been created for you, for you my baby, for you my baby girl!


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