nuisance parties

Well its a friday night, broke as ever,and with two friends(no! Aquintancess, you just realize that you know them only as Jeff and  James, but they are kenyan and this is Berlin-Prost!!), all of you going out chasing fun or wherever it is that the train destines ‘happy half-drunk noisy parties’,-why not join them? hell seems crazy-loose out there, and this is the company you keep? So to take you back, you met Jeff and james-who you’ve actually baptised Jaymo by now, on a cheap bar around Kreuzberg(its like Kirinyaga or Riverroad in Nairobi, only and but only, there are no crooks to mugg guyz around, a very sociable place for all, as a foreigner, thats where to be indeed) After changing trains, being refused entrace in some and actually being kicked out of clubs somewhere and everywhere, Jeff receives a call. Its an invitation to a house party,luckyly,you too, jaymo also, are on the card “well, i told them, this is how we roll” jeff comments. A call to a cub, Jaymo handles and settles it,this is a great company keep! Before you know it its booom and cruise,moreso booming in a house party, full of swahili hits, jaguar, P-unit, jua kali, redson -name them,are rocking the airwaves or is it the flat? even Herr schmidt, the neighbour to the party, has joined the party-waaah!! beautiful beauties booty dancing,twerking and calling you guyz to join them, there and then Jeff and jaymo are out of your sight and the dance, the rocking hits and the gorgeous booties is all you see-the night can never be so great!! There is food and drink, from nyama choma to pilau, and lots of drinks-its a kenyan house party indeed. Everyone is friendly but as night deepens and the dance attracts more, even those cuties who had just sat watching and playing pretty-i never thought they’lld dance, but they are in and infact dancing wild with any boy onsight. One pulls you from Faridah, the ethiopian girl you’ve been dancing with all night,she rubbs her booty so hard on your groin that you could all but guess what her intentions are, faridah doesnt like it and she is off the dance, infuriated as ever-well you do know the part about ever because you just met her, but she is super furious. “i was dancing with her..” you mumble…to your surprise Scolar turns ” and now you are dancing with me, now follow my lead boy” her tone is more of a mockery or an order, you join her shruggishly, faridaah was more cool but haithuru! .. after seconds,someone switches off the music-this couldn’t have come at a better time. Shit! and like curses fill the air and it turns out Bosco did it.Wait who on earth is Bosco?,you are just to find out for he is looking for you and Bosco is heavily built like a boxer, actually-he is a boxer,drunk, uncontrollably angry and you are actually the reason, you dirty danced with scolar,his wife.whaat? shit! this can’t be real. i was dancing with Faridaah..and she just pulled me over-your thoughts are racing but he is breaking glasses and pushing people on his way to where you stand.Some of his casualties are huge, you know you are in trouble deep and some voices around the corner are shouting, Run!!..where is the door out,you lost your bearings,and the only door near is to your right, before he gets to you, you go for it and manage to lock yourself in what you realise is the toilet, where Mac and Beatrice were actualy having some heavenly drives “What the heck are you doing here?can’t you other people’s privacy? get the f*** out” Mac shouts hoarsly as he trys to zip up, the zip bites his groin and he is all over you with curses and insults as Beatrice unsuccessfully covers herself with towels and mini towels-some of them wet, in total shame. She is the same girl who, hours earlier, said she doesnt drink and even refused to dance, she found it filthy.This crosses your mind but its not time for such thoughts. Bosco is knocking the door hard, threatening to break it, you wonder how its possible that the door is still intact. By now Mac understands your urgency, beatrice is less ashamed and actually worried, she actually is the one who sees the blue blinking lights out there and you realise the police have arrived. soon they knock on the house and out there are fading voices of people as they leave, no one wants to be a witness as you hear Faridah explaing what happened, you open the door as she is receiving back her passport from the cops,she was the host and, she is actually kenyan?? well the police need yours too.


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