Daughter of the land

I wanted to talk to you, but you couldn’t listen

So now, am determined to reach out to you,

for, as the daughter of hope left Africa ,

with her beauty of envy.

All the sons want to tell her story

But as the story transforms,

And if words choose wisely

I am the son who has a story.

The untransformed

And the only for real story.

So listen, listen to me.

Listen to the voice of the land.

Listen to the voice in the sun,

And the groan of the storm.

Ooh listen, and shall you feel the wail

Of a mans heart, the groan of pain

And that of hope, that of gain

Listen at the echo of madness,

That of fear, that of range, that of the unknown

And feel the passion of the sawn seeds,

Seeds that bitters at sunrise

And sweetens at noon

In the streams of the land

In the hills of bananas

And plantations of coffee

At the burn of the sun,

In the mountains of the west lands.

The brown eyes blink, as the horn blows

And fine Maliba tunes play softly in the cool breeze

But all there is for the land is loss,

As it wails in full moon

Crying for the dryness, the destruction

The lifelessness and all unfairness

to come to an end.

So listen, listen to me now.

Listen to this which burns inside of me.

With the agility of a lion

And the strength of the tongue.

Listen to what consumes me

The intense secrets

And memories of times-ooh those times!

The times that I will give anything to go back to

The moments when hope was the land

And the land was home.

The secrets, the jokes, the wishes, the life

Back when life had definition

With a direction leading towards a destination

So please listen, listen to me

For I beg you to pay attention

For there is power in knowledge

For in silence you’ll have your way

For the noon streams are running dry

As banana hills lack life

And the coffee fields are flooded with starvation

With thirst, with loss, with wishes

And the hope to see you again.

Listen to me; listen to me now as I speak

Because I miss it

Back when streams used to flow

And rivers brought happiness

Back when rainfall showed blessings

And winds whispered a breeze

The breeze of happiness and liveliness

Back then in those times

When starvation was out of sight

And thirst was out of mind

Those days you were always present

Back when life had a meaning.

If words had no life

And listening had no power

Then you wouldn’t have heard about the land

Nor would you have felt the loss

But listen to me

Because deep down my heart is a rag

The only place that can’t be replaced

For vivid memories of your smile

Your laughter, your slow motion walk, your glance

And colorful portraits of you, of you, of you

Staring at the green fields of coffee and banana trees

With your elastic dark hair following the wind in flight

And all this… is so filling the rag

So listen, listen to me

Listen to me for you will have your say

For your story is that of hope

And your departure was so fast

For missing you is now a slogan

And waiting for you is all I do

So please listen, listen to my last request

Listen to all my wishes

For…..If only you returned

If only you called

If only you wrote

If only you coughed in my life

To ease this urge to see you

The anxiety to feel you

And the burn to tell you

How it would help

To know you the more, the more…

To be sure you are fine,

To burst matatu conductors

To confess, to reveal, to crack jokes

To laugh at them, to disagree, to stare,

To enjoy the sun and to just walk- to talk!

How I’d love it all

To come to me now

Back to me in one piece

How I’d long for that

But all this can’t be

Because of the distance

Because you don’t feel it

Because you have another beautiful life

Because you are more beautiful than that other life

Because you don’t know it

And me-ooh poor me! – the emptiness’

Because i cannot say it!


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