i find me stranded…

I find me stranded, and deeply so,
suprisingly i quite can’t answer.
Is it limbo or am i stuck in a place or glued?
Or is it just the defination of life, a lousy life not cosy.
You know the feeling, when you realize you’ve chased dreams,
so much on their trail, you smell their scent,
you kiss away their breath,you taste their sweetness,
but almost always you end up doing it all over again.
Its like a fantasy never to be real.
Its like a circle so thick to break out.
Its like a hypothesis never to be practicle.
and this is what drives me nuts,
and tuesday is the day that this recurrs in my life
i will swallow the dream, as dry as it is
i will dodge the bullet as fast as it comes
i will dust my suit and polish my shoes
no more dream land
no more fantasies
i will hold the bull by its horns
and dare the day to bring all it has
i can handle it but yes, i will!
I found myself in these mood last week,
i had to talk to someone
or just express these rather confusing thoughts
through some way, or through somewhat.
This is the means i always find me when i am stranded
or stressed or  pained  by anger
or in love as i smile in my heart
and yes,now, i find me chasing dreams now..

join me in the chase


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