threaded choices

So free like a bird in spring, yet still underpressure. Your day can well be described as a quest to an ”unquechable” thirst. as if there is such a thirst. Your dreams, great as they are, stand a risk of unconceivable nightmares, the fear that they are indeed too good to be achieved. The very risk threaded to simplistic actions in your life, every moment your heart pounds the pressure that keeps you alive, your lungs, as they receive the free contaminated oxygen from your treeless surrounding, that you, your pet and your friends, actually even your foes and strangers you never met, you all stare it, gazing astonishingly. Somebody make the sun less scortchy, the trees would have done it if you did not make that nice dest of yours by cutting them, if you had deviced a way to just not cut them down to do real estate or if you actually planted two after cutting one. But back to now, the gaze of astonishment stares at you,  sure as hell seems like there isn’t much that you can do to change all this predicaments, seems like after all thinking, all the formulating involved in strategising and actually planning to excecute all the plans,all of them but one, you, and you can not change it because of fear of failure because its not doable you inner tail to balls whispers, because its not suppossed to be done by people like you and you are right about it, infact you nod in agreement and sigh in relief. The relief of never having to bother yourself again trying to achieve anything hard for your balls,or harder than them balls. The kind of relief that a coward enjoys, yes coward! and all the multiplication of cowardness in you since childhood.And all this is only because hard is to the action drived at change and easy is to the sleeping lion, a convinced rat indeed, remember the rats meeting where the solution(putting a bell on a cats neck) was ‘undoable’?. Well i leave you to your undoable conviction for life is about pushing the limits to the edge and going for it even if the wind blows against you. The ain’t anybody who will do it for you.kick ass and keep the wheel moving, thats the reason you breath, thats the reason you got a brain and thats the reason the comfort of unachievement is still so stressful.The stress in the art of Non-achievement, and all these, only because i know it first hand. i was once a coward, forever never!!


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